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Didheya is dedicated to the design and production of accessories and decorative elements in stainless steel, aluminum and cast, with specific architectural and design expertise in the furniture industry. The Kursaal in San Sebastian and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao are two examples of unique buildings that have our accessories.
SIMONSWERK has produced hinges and hinge systems for some 120 years.Today with some 500 employees, SIMONSWERK is one of the leading suppliers of hinges and hinge systems in Germany. The company serves more than 60 international markets and is represented by companies or independent subsidiaries in 19 countries.
EZY Jamb is an Australian based manufacturer who's split type jamb is manufactured from cold rolled steel with a patented profile to produce a strong and secure assembly. The completed jamb is flush finished and can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal and fixing, achieving simple clean lines around the door face.
Krown Lab is a Portland Oregaon based company creating iconic architectural hardware. Our products have been distilled down to thier essence, with every detail of every part justified. What we craft is held to the highest quality standard - our own. We beleive in making products that we are proud to own ouselves.
Spore believes in doing simple things well. We make things that we want for our own homes, bringing together quality materials and strong design. Spore is a family run company in Seattle Washington. We like good little things.
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